I'm Nancy Frensley, the training manager at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, and we're going to talk about caring for a Maltese. You don't see many Maltese these days outside the show ring, but, they're a very happy, perky pet small dog with very long fur. So, when you're take....the first thing you're going to have to consider before you get a Maltese is if you want to get into grooming, because they're going to need a lot of grooming, and they're white. So, keeping them clean is going to be a chore. You're going to be clean, groomed, and you're going to have to keep all that nice hair out of their eyes. In the show ring they're actually shown with a barrette or a rubber band holding the hair up out of the face. The Maltese can be quite a versatile little dog. Mostly they're a pet dog, and for centuries you can see them in paintings from many, many centuries ago, that they were kept by ladies for amusement. And they are an amusing, happy little dog that just wants to be with you.