Hi, I'm Ben from The Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. You know, lately I've had a lot pf people asking me. If there's a way to call a private number back, after they call you. And basically, there isn't. If you really need to get a hold of somebody who's calling you from a private number. You can't do it. What you're going to need to do is, if they're harassing you. Or there something illegal is going on, when they keep calling you. They're making prank phone calls and they keep doing it. And keep doing it on a repetitive basis. What you need to do is, contact the authorities. And the authorities will then contact your wireless carrier. And find out who placed that call. I'm Ben from The Cellphone Broker. If you have anymore questions. You can check out our MySpace page. MySpace.com/CellphoneBroker.