Ok, we've been working our way down, on this side. If it looks like that, kind of messy, no worries, this is on the inside of the bag. This is what's on the outside. You've got these nice floats and those are just there to add strength. Ok, so now that we're down, we're going to really be liberal with our amount of yarn, that we pull off of here, just so we could go ahead and get this working through. The more weaves, the better because this is also going to add strength to our handles. We're just going to pull it through, and you're going to find your yarn, on the other side and what we're going to do, instead of working it across all of our colors in the front, we're just going to take this yarn and try to just work it up and down our seam. So just find your seam, in the back and then just pull that through, and find your seam, make sure you're up here in the front and just take that yarn and you're going to have to muscle it because it's really tight in here, which is a good thing that just adds more strength, to our bag. You're just going to try to muscle it through here. If you have a little bit of trouble, just go ahead and stick your needle back through, there we go, now we're starting to get it. And just do that as many times as you can, the more yarn, you leave out, the better. I'm just going to run this yarn, up through here and down again, just to create a nice little knot and I'm going to run this through, up here and down again, just to create random little knots so if it does unravel, it doesn't get much further than these stopping points. Now you just keep doing that, for as long as you can, for as much yarn, as you leave out and then once you're done, just cut it off and there we go. We've attached our handle and you just want to repeat this, on each side, for each strap that you make.