We are doing a frame walk and a insulation inspection on this home. A lot of the problems come when we have a vaulted ceiling versus a dropped ceiling. What I mean by a dropped ceiling is right in here in this bathroom, we've dropped the ceiling down. Outside of here, your ceiling is all the way up there. You've got a nice vaulted ceiling out here but back here in the bathroom you've dropped it down. That is the majority of the problems. We now have to fix the envelope to make the envelope come down these knee walls and come across my dropped ceiling and then go back up to a vaulted ceiling back over here. So we are vaulted all the way around this bathroom but we are dropped ceiling and we've got to drop ceiling inside this bathroom. So we have to be creative in our way that we design the framing to work with the insulation so that we get a properly built house that is going to be energy efficient.