This is very important as the is the most important piece of clothes that you might have. You want to take extra care with it your going to start at the top, always start at the top of the neck place that on your ironing board make sure your iron is set on the type of fabric you have. In this case it is a rayon, so I have it set on the rayon. Starting at the top gently move your iron move to the front, if your pieces of additional sewing on pieces you want to take them very carefully lay it on very softly. Move on to the other side and just follow this same pattern, very softly don't press down and keep it in slow moving, circular motion. Now the sleeves lay your sleeve on the board and get your ironing cloth out. Put your cloth and start at the shoulder and work with the point at the shoulder and work your way down to the bottom of your sleeve. It's important to keep you fabric flat just use your hand to feel that is flat so your not ironing a crease into it. Once you've done both sleeves you want to move to the front, your going to put your front on the small end of your board, starting at the top use your tip to use the top edge. Your skirt is next this is the easy part, pull your skirt straightened it out, starting at the top small circular motions if you need to re iron a piece you can always tell by looking at it. Move your dress all the way around so you'll end up for starting in, ending at where you started and there you have your beautiful wedding dress ironed.