we're going to be learning some basic sign, words phrases in sign language. In this clip we're going to learn the words, mom, dad, baby, girl, boy, happy, and house. So let's start off with mom. If you know the letter "m", make an "m" with your hand, and you want to put it close to your chin at the side of your chin, so "mom", "mom", "mom". Dad of course too you want to form the letter "d". "Dad". Go sort of to the top of your head off to the side, "dad". So we have "mom" and "dad". Baby. Of course, a maternal instinct, "baby", "baby". Girl. We wanna take what would be the letter "a", extend the thumb up slightly and move your thumb down your chin, uh down the side of your face towards your chin, "girl", "girl", "girl". Boy. Imagine you have a cap on your head and you're going to touch the peak, "boy". Or maybe you're going to adjust the peak of the hat, "boy", "boy". And Happy. You're happy, "happy". Take your hand flat and brush it up towards your chest, "happy" a couple of times. You're "happy". Of course your facial expression, your eyes and your face will be pulled up cause your high in spirit. You're "happy". And House. Pretend you're shaping a house. "House", "house". Perhaps you're "happy" in your "house".