Hello! I’m Marc Zee from Arizona Center of mixed martial arts. I’m here to demonstrate the rear naked choke in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Go ahead guys. Okay, time. First off, Vincent here is demonstrating what’s called the back. Now, the back position, if you notice how he has these hooks in. What these hooks are maintaining his position so that Sonny can’t turn from side to side. Try to turn from side to side. This stabilizes position; makes it so Sonny can’t move. The rear naked choke, what he’s going to do is he’s going to go cross underneath the chin, across the throat, reach up and grabbing his bicep. From there, he’s going to reach, answer the telephone and grab his ear. Now, some of the problems that you’re going to see with the rear naked choke, this guy on top is going to be protecting his throat for his life. Now, here what you’re going to notice…Stop for a second. There’s going to be a ridge line that goes from behind the ear and across the throat. What Vincent’s is going to use, he’s going to use this knuckle to come into that ridge line across and across that ridge line. Demonstrate. He’s here, protect, across, good, and he finishes across the choke. Okay, one more time. Go up. Bring your hands up tight. Good. ridge, underneath the throat. You notice that puts Sonny in a little bit of pain, but it finishes the choke. One more time. Across the ridge line finish, finish choke. That’s the rear naked choke.