The disturbingly funny craze of pet shaming

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The Internet was obviously invented to showcase our pets and pass the time in work watching LOL cats. Trust us, people have done dissertations on this -- not very serious or successful people but actual real-life human beings.


The latest craze taking over the outer-limits of your browser is a practice called "pet shaming." Dogs, cats and other small mammals do something that comes only natural to them, we hang a sign on them and upload it for the entire world to shame them. Sir Tim Berners-Lee can rest easy. Here they are, our favourite pet shaming stars of the Internet...


"I like to watch myself poop, so I spin around while I go. I step in it EVERY time."

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"I love to eat the crotch out of ladies jeans."

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"I ate all the string cheese."

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"I like peeing on EVERYTHING."

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"0 days since I ate the cat litter."

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"I stole a baby doll from a 6-year-old and ripped its head off."

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"I enjoy eating any food, panties, trash, or light bulbs that are left unattended for more than 3 minutes."

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"I hid meat in the couch."

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"I eat the kids' homework at least once a week."

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"I bit the groomer so now I am banned."

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"I poop in dark bedrooms..."

"And I eat the evidence."

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"I ate the ears of my plastic bunny toy."

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"I like to hump this cat."

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"I ate your wine vomit before you could clean it up. Then I tried to lick your face."

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"I suck at being a dog."

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"I bite people… because I think I’m ferocious. (I secretly eat baby cucumbers and minced celery… and jump at my own shadow.)"

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"I killed Dora the Explorer."

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...Let's face it: We're the real creeps. Now hang your head!

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