How to Know When a Dog Is Done Giving Birth

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Your dog will be pregnant for approximately 63 days before giving birth. During that time, you should learn all you can about how to care for your dog during pregnancy, during the birthing process and after the birth is complete. One tricky area is knowing when your dog is done giving birth. During the birthing process, continue to look for key signs that will let you know that the last puppy has been born.

Get your dog examined by your veterinarian a few weeks before the due date. Your vet can let you know how many puppies are likely to be born by conducting an ultrasound at least 39 days after your dog has mated.

Count the puppies. Once the mother dog has delivered as many puppies as your vet predicted, the birthing process might be finished.

Watch for straining. It could take up to half an hour of straining to deliver one puppy. Then the mother dog might wait 30 minutes to four hours to start straining again.

Look for the placenta. After the last puppy is born, the placenta will come out. This can include the sac, additional fluid and some blood. This means the birth is complete.

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