Crazy Campus Phone Cheats

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"Crazy Campus" is a simulation game for touch screen phones, geared towards college aged students.The (sometimes inappropriate) premise of the game is that you haven't studied and are not prepared for final exams. In order to pass and graduate, you must make friends with different people who can help you pass varying subjects. With a few tricks, you can graduate from "Crazy Campus."

Make Friends with the Right People

You need to make friends with different groups so you can pass the exams in "Crazy Campus." The six groups are Frats, Nerds, Hippies, Sororities, Goths, and Hip-hop thugs. Each group will help you pass, or cheat your way to passing. For instance, the hippies help with English. By making friends with each of these groups, your chances increase of graduating college (or at least faking it).

Increase Bars

In "Crazy Campus," you have three very important bars that you need to keep full: the intelligence bar, fame bar and energy bar. In order to keep these full, you do a certain thing repeatedly and store up value. For instance, to increase intelligence, you need to touch "study" again and again. To keep health up, you need to drink juice. And to increase fame, simply keep reapplying make-up.

How to Get Help When Stuck

Each player in "Crazy Campus" has a roommate. If you get stuck, ask your roommate for advice. Sometimes he has the answer to help you move forward in the game.

Learn How to Make Friends with Each Group

If you want to make friends with each group and pass exams, you need to really get to know your groups or cliques. If you get lost on what to say, highlight the character and you will receive a hint. Sometimes common sense works.

How to Get English Exam Canceled

Hippies love incense. When in English Class, burn the incense; all your classmates will suddenly become happy and the exam will be cancelled.

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