Romantic Date Ideas for Teens

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Romance is an emotion of the heart, a deep feeling of attachment and affection. A romantic date is about deepening the feelings of attachment and affection. Romantic date ideas for teens include activities where the teens have the opportunity to share personal dreams and inspirations in a safe and comfortable atmosphere and also places where the teens can marvel at the beauty of nature without saying a word.


Many teens under 18 may not have much money to spend on a date. A romantic date idea for teens with little or no cost involved includes putting together a puzzle, while listening to romantic music in the background. Parents may prefer teens to visit public areas. Public romantic dates include going to a historical site such as a plantation, visiting a local museum or art show and going roller-or ice-skating. High schools host several dances a year and dancing can be a good romantic date for the teens. Alternatively shy teens may prefer to go to a romantic movies and hold hands. Star gazers could prefer to visit a planetarium or observatory. Older teens may opt for a dinner cruise.


For younger teens with little money to spend, being in nature can be romantic in and of itself. Romantic dates at the beach include walking along the shore, collecting seashells or watching the sunset. Teens can lie on the grass in the backyard or at the park while watching the clouds float by; for fun they could compare notes on various shapes they see in the clouds. The teens could stargaze while lying in the yard or use a telescope. Other ideas include playing in the leaves, taking a nature hike to bird watch or visiting a botanical garden. Older teens that have a little money may consider renting a boat or canoe at a lake. Some larger lakes may have small private islands where the teens can dock and have a private picnic. Other romantic dates for older teens include a horse and buggy ride or a sleigh ride in the snow.


A romantic date for younger teens may include sharing a large sundae or banana split at the ice cream shop or having a picnic at the park where they will be surrounded by people but can read or recite love poems to one another. If funds allow it, teens can enjoy a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. Ask for a private table somewhere in the corner, possibly with a view. A romantic date idea for older teens includes making a homemade dinner together and eating by candlelight. Alternatively, serve a candlelit dinner outdoors on the patio.

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