Personalized Bingo Gifts

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The farmer may have had a dog with the name of B-I-N-G-O, but when it comes to making gifts for the bingo player in your life, the personal touch is appreciated. By adding meaningful and fun touches to the tools of their favourite game, you can surprise your favourite Bingo player with a gift that is both useful and unexpected.

Bingo Cards

Make personalised Bingo cards that make your subject the centre square of attention. Try swapping out the typical B-I-N-G-O with your the recipient's name or initials. If you can't quite fit her name into the game, then make BINGO stand for things they enjoy (Beaches, Italy, Napping, Golf and Olives, for example) by notating the letters of the Bingo card. Put the recipient's picture in the centre square. You can find templates for blank Bingo cards at many websites, or you can create your own on blank paper with the aid of a ruler, or trace over graph paper. Photocopy the cards, then mount them on poster board in the recipient's favourite colour.

Bingo Chips and Accessories

Put together a personalised Bingo kit that caters to your recipient's other hobbies and passions. Have a friend who's equally obsessed with jewellery and Bingo? Give her a Bingo set with personalised cards dotted with glitter glue, and swap out traditional plastic Bingo chips with oversized clear plastic gemstones in a variety of colours. Instead of daubers, try including a small rubber stamp with a diamond pattern, and a metallic ink pad. Try combining the love of Bingo with your recipient's favourite sports team by mounting personalised Bingo cards on card stock featuring his favourite team's logo and colours, and replace Bingo chips with foam or paper cut-outs of sports equipment, available at many craft stores. Make sure the daubers are in team colours, too!

Bingo Coupon Book

We've all been in the middle of a Bingo game, struggling to cover even one square, when we look at our friend's card and find she's one slot away from victory. Give the ultimate gift to your favourite Bingo player: a book of personalised Bingo "coupons" that allow her to choose her favourite pattern, the stakes of the game, and the opportunity to swap cards with the player of their choice.

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