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The choice of flooring in your home sets the tone for the entire room, in many cases. With carpeting, a number of factors should be considered, such as the colour, texture, style and durability of the carpet. Flooring manufacturers often create several carpet brands that reflect the needs of consumers. Whether you're looking for eco-friendly carpeting or stain-resistant brands, chances are you will find something to suit your style and needs.


Mohawk flooring manufacturers produce several lines of carpeting with thousands of different colour, style and texture combinations available. For families with young, active children who need carpet that has durability, the Wear-Dated feature for several of the carpet lines gives carpet stain resistance and durability by using Scotchgard. If you're looking for carpet that makes a difference, Mohawk created the EverStrand line. EverStrand carpets are created from recycled plastic bottles. SmartStrand carpets also feature elements created by renewable resources, in addition to having stain resistance. Carpets purchased from Mohawk include a full warranty which, depending upon the line, lasts up to 20 years.


One of the leading carpet manufacturers in the United States, Shaw manufactures several residential carpet lines. The Sutton line of carpets specialises in Berber style and patterned loop carpets, while the Couture by Sutton line represents a more high-end, luxurious version of Sutton carpeting. Cabin Crafts and Philadelphia Carpets, two of Shaw's oldest carpeting lines, come in a number of colours and styles to fit any home. Shaw embraces environmental concerns by recycling old carpeting into newer carpeting, avoiding a trip to the landfill for any old carpeting. Shaw carpets feature several possible warranties, including lifetime warranties for certain lines.


Stanton Carpet represents three different carpet lines. Stanton carpets come in numerous different patterns, colours, textures and materials. The Royal Dutch line focuses on wool and synthetic carpet styles at an affordable price. Antrim Carpets handles hand-loomed carpets, while the carpets with the Stanton name are mostly wool. Stanton line carpets feature Naturally Green, an environmentally friendly wool alternative that makes the material biodegradable, long-lasting and stain resistant. Stanton carpets feature a one year limited warranty.


Created by DuPont, Stainmaster carpets earn their claim to fame by being long-lasting and stain resistant. Over 19,000 Stainmaster carpet colour and style combinations exist, many of which are designed to match DuPont paint colours. Texture for Stainmaster carpets ranges from loop to saxony to cable and multiple stops in between. Stainmaster carpets come with a 30 day in-home warranty in addition to the option for a standard lifetime limited warranty.

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