Things to do on your 25th birthday

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Turning 25 is a significant milestone for a young adult and certainly an occasion worthy of a celebration. Though there is no typical way to celebrate the day, usually this birthday involves eating, drinking and reminiscing with friends and family.

Even though you are now more mature than ever, this is an occasion to celebrate your spirit, spunk and accomplishments.

Quarter Hour Celebrations

Turning 25 may happen only once, but that doesn't mean your celebrations can't go on all day. In honour of turning 25, find a way to celebrate your birthday the quarter after every hour. You can make this a personal celebration, by writing down a new goal, calling a loved one or reminiscing through old photographs or a social celebration with special toast or treats from friends.

25 Things to Do List

If you are ringing in your 25th on the town, have your friends help you complete a 25 Things to Do list. You can create the checklist before a few days before going out, over e-mail or just before you head out for a night of drinking and dancing. Put the birthday gal on a mission to maturity by testing her skills with a funny scavenger hunt or a dare-to-do list.

"Party Like It's ____"

Base the theme of your party on the year in which you were born. Chances are a quarter of a century is enough time for trends of the past to seem outdated and subsequently hilarious. Ask guests to come dressed as icons from that era, pump popular music from that time and decorate the party venue with elements reminiscent of yesteryear.