Carnival decorations to make at home

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A carnival theme is a colourful and playful theme for a party to celebrate a child's birthday or even for a young-at-heart adult. Carnivals are also a great way to earn money for a fundraiser if you are charging for admission, games or popcorn. No matter what your carnival's purpose is, do not spend too much on the decorations. Save some money by making some carnival decor at home.

Carnival Booths

Create homemade carnival booths to use as decor and as entertainment. Use a large appliance box, or purchase a large box from a moving company. Cut a window out of one side and a door out of the other. Tack colourful sheets and scarves over the inside of the box to make it look like a fortune teller's booth. Paint the outside of the box with red, yellow or any bright colour you like. Paint "Fortune Teller" on the front of the booth, and have someone sit on a chair inside.

Clown Photo Board

Cut a face-sized hole near the top of a large sheet of particle board. Paint a clown body onto the board, so the hole is the clown's face. Paint big ballooned-out trousers a polka dot shirt and suspenders. Paint big fluffy hair on the sides of the hole and a silly hat on top. Paint a carnival scene in the background, or show the clown's hands juggling. Prop the board up for party guests to stick their faces through and take snapshots of themselves as a clown.

Balloon Tower

Balloons and carnivals go hand-in-hand. Placing balloons in random places around the party area is a good idea, but also consider making a giant balloon tower as a sort of party focal point. Place a round end table in the centre of the room, and tape helium-filled balloons all around the edge, without strings. Tie short strings to some more balloons, and tape those strings to the tabletop just inside of the outer row of balloons. Make the strings short enough, so the balloons seem to layer on top of one another. Work your way toward the centre, with each circular row slightly higher than the next.

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