Trulift Hair Products

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Trulift Hair Care is a brand of hair products designed to increase volume for those with limp or fine hair. The hair care products advertisements promise an increase in shine, volume and body. Their product line includes creams, sprays, shampoos and haircare accessories such as dryers and flat irons.

The prices range from the single digits to over £65.

Trulift Travelsol Spraymate

The Trulift Travelsol Spraymate is a compatible hairspray product. By simply inserting the tip of the nozzle of a regular hairspray canister into the bottom of the Travelsol Spraymate, the hairspray can be transferred from the large container to the travel can for easy transport in a purse. The canister costs £14.20 as of October 2010.

The Trulift Color-N-Lift 2Go Brush

The Trulift Color-N-Lift 2Go Brush is a brush-on colour touch-up for people with dyed hair. It is a convenient way to touch up colour when grey roots begin to show. The brush colours available are black, neutral, brown, blond, auburn, light brown and red. The brush is compact and portable so it is easy to fix your hair on the go. The price of the brush is £12.90 as of October 2010.

Trulift TEASEase Volumizing System

The Trulift TEASEase Volumizing System consists of two TEASEase double-ended combs and two ounces of the Trulift volume spritz. It is designed to increase volume in all types of hair and it can also strengthen the hair. The combs have a special design that helps them lift the hair from the root. Trulift TEASEase Volumizing System costs £12.90 as of October 2010.

Trulift Uplifting Cream

The Trulift Uplifting Cream is a product designed to increase volume and give your hair a boost. It can be used either on damp hair or when styling dry hair. The cream is a combination of vitamin B, avocado oil and keratin. The Trulift Uplifting Cream costs £10.70 as of October 2010.

Trulift Pro Cordless Styling Iron

The Trulift Pro Cordless Styling Iron is made to straighten all kinds of hair types. It features dual ceramic plates that cause less damage to the hair. When fully charged, the iron can stay powered for up to 35 minutes and can reach as hot as 210 degrees C. It comes with a drawstring pouch and a 1-year warranty. As of October 2010, the price of the iron is £58.40.

Trulift the Stylist

Trulift the Stylist is made to increase volume, boost and shine. It is designed for those with limp, dull and frizzy hair and is a styling cream that can be applied to damp or dry hair. It is a lightweight, oil-free product that leaves hair light and fluffy. It costs £11.3 as of October 2010.