Themes for Dinner Parties

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Don't throw a boring dinner party that's the same thing as every other dinner party. Get creative and follow a theme which will give some structure to your party. Use the theme when sending invitations, decorating, and planning a menu to create a party that is anything but boring and routine.

Celebrate a special occasion or holiday, or simply throw a party just because.

Friday the 13th

Host your party on any Friday the 13th and use that as a springboard for a creatively themed party. It doesn't have to be Halloween to enjoy a dark, scary party. Send out black invitations, decorate using black and red, and serve red drinks such as red wine or punch. Plan a menu that includes 13 foods, or name dishes things like "Bad Luck Beef," or "Scary Spaghetti." Hang up skulls and crossbones and spooky decorations.

Book Theme Dinner

Make books the central theme of a dinner party with friends. Stack hardback books on the table as a centrepiece. Send invitations that are in the shape of a book. Request that friends read or have read several different books that can be discussed, or invite everyone to bring their favourite book to talk about. Lay out a spread of casual finger foods such as sandwiches, cookies and chips and dips. Or, create a theme around a book you are talking about. If the book is set in Mexico, serve Mexican food.

Hawaiian Party

Throw a Hawaiian themed party in the backyard for a twist on the traditional dinner party. Rent a pig roaster and recreate a real Hawaiian pig roast, or just light a big bonfire and have food served from the grill such as chicken kebabs, hot dogs and hamburgers. Play Hawaiian music, decorate with torches and tiki decorations, and have a hula contest.

Dessert Party

Have a dessert party in lieu of an actual dinner party. Make or purchase many different types of desserts that guests can enjoy. Serve various kinds of tea and coffee, and decorate with chocolate brown colours. Send out invitations that are shaped like a cupcake or piece of pie. Guests could each bring their favourite dessert and bring copies of the recipe to hand out to the other guests.