The Top 10 Novel Writing Software Programs

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Aspiring novelists often believe that writing simply involves a word processor and their ideas. They expect to write endlessly, receiving no help throughout the process, but may encounter writer's block. Fortunately, a variety of writing software allows novelists to generate ideas and organise them. Although some software is rated higher than others, most provide the writer with the assistance he needs while writing.

Dramatica Pro

Dramatica Pro was rated number one among creative writing software in 2010 by the Top Ten Reviews website, receiving a 3.5, out of four stars, rating. The software includes a story guide feature that asks you to fill in blanks regarding characters and plot. It will ask an estimated 385 questions when you begin a new story, helping you structure your novel.

WriteItNow 4

WriteItNow 4 was ranked in the top 2010 writing software by the Top Ten Reviews website, rated 3.5 out of four stars. The program provides a flexible system that allows you to begin wherever you would like, whether it be adding characters, outlining chapters or simply starting to write. You can use the software to map out storyboards and have the ability to drag and drop scenes to rearrange the storyline.


Contour received Top Ten Reviews' Silver Award in the creative writing software category, receiving a rating of 3.5 out of four stars. Contour is geared toward novel screenplay writing and helps divide stories into several subcategories, allowing for scenes to be organised.

Storybase 2.0

Storybase 2.0 is rated 4.5 out of five stars by Amazon reviews. The software provides you with 2,364 writing prompts that may provide ideas for novel writing. Story elements are easy to outline and move around.

Power Structure

Power Structure allows you to easily organise your story and separate it into several chapters. The program features over 12 templates that provide further guidance throughout your writing. Amazon reviews rate the software at 4.5 out of five stars.

Writer's DreamKit 4

Writer's DreamKit 4 provides 40 detailed questions to help with story structuring and content. While the software is good for drafting, it lacks in the ability to organise the text into separate storyboards. The program received a three out of four star review by Top Ten Reviews.

Write Way

WriteWay received a Bronze Award from Top Ten Reviews for its three out of four star rating among top creative writing software. The software features the ability to set up chapters with great ease. After answering questions about your story, the software provides note card templates that will further help organise your thoughts and character subplots. Write Way received a high rating for its easy to use interface.

The Writer's Software Companion

The Writer's Software Companion allows you to brainstorm ideas for a novel by providing reference and interactive libraries that help educate you on how to formulate a story. The software is in need of updating and lacks a word processor.

Final Draft 8

Final Draft 8 specialises in providing proper formatting and structure for your novel. You can choose from several templates that will best fit your story. Throughout the process, you may choose to have your writing read back to you by assigning a male or female computer voice. The software has a rating of four out of five stars from Amazon.

Writer's Cafe 2

The Writer's Cafe 2 software incorporates a comprehensive application for outlining and organising ideas. Upon starting, you will be asked to fill in storyboards. These storyboards are then divided into several note cards that will guide you throughout your writing. Extra features include the ability to make notes and upload photos over your writing, just as you would in paper form. Top Ten Reviews rated the software three out of four stars because of the complexity of the interface.

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