Coffee Pods That Work With the Senseo

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The Philips Company designed coffee machines that offer a quick way to brew coffee by simply touching one button. There is no shortage of coffee pods to fit into the original Senseo Coffee Machine or the Senseo Supreme. In fact, the Internet has a large supply of coffee pods available. However, purchasing flavoured pods directly from the Senseo Store ensures the proper fit into the machines.

Senseo Origins Coffee Pods

Customers can purchase the Origins coffee pods directly from the Senseo online store. The coffee pods are specifically designed to fit into the machines. Each bag contains a total of 16 flavoured pods. The blends are roasted and picked by Douwe Egberts, a European company. Senseo Origins consists of the Kenya, Columbian, Brazil and Sumatra blends. The Origins Variety Pack is available with all the flavours mentioned.

Original Senseo Coffee Pods

The Original coffee pods can also be purchased at the Senseo online store and can be used in both coffee makers. Senseo reports the Dark Roast blend has a strong flavour and aroma. The Decaffeinated blend still has the same flavour without caffeine. Customers can also purchase the Mild and Medium roasts. A total of 18 pods come in each bag. Blends of the coffee pods were selected by Douwe Egberts.

Day's Dawn Variety Pack

Experience a full blend of flavours with the Day's Dawn Variety Pack. The Senseo Store offers four blends in one bag. The Kona Blend features Arabica beans from the Hawaiian Kona belt. Medium Roast, Espresso, and Breakfast Blend are included in the pack. All can be used with the coffee maker, except for the Espresso blend since it requires the Espresso Pod Holder machine. A total of 68 coffee pods make up the variety pack.

Internet Coffee Pods

When shopping for coffee pods at other Internet shops, check to see if the site mentions that certain pods are compatible with Senseo machines. The Better Coffee online store has over 180 pods that fit into the Senseo Coffee Maker. Aloha Island Kona Blend Hazelnut, Baronet Chocolate Fudge Decaffeinated and many other coffee pod brands are available. Shoppers can purchase sampler packs and select items according to pod type.

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