Ideas for Handmade Wedding Invitations

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A wedding is an important time in any man or woman's life. The first impression of a couple's wedding comes from the wedding invitation. If you are not able to find wedding invitations that represent your love, make your own wedding invitations by hand or find designers to create an invitation.

Handmade and One-of-a-Kind Invitations

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If you are an artist, choose to create your own invitations by hand. Depending on your own style and techniques, you can make your invitation as simple, complex or wild as you want. Use scrapbook and card making techniques for your invitations. Colours, patterns, textures and mediums are all customisable. Use a favourite fabric or a fabric that will be used in the wedding. Tie in the type of flowers that you will be using in the wedding. Materials that can be used for making wedding invitations include cardstock, fabric, handmade paper, scrapbook paper, vintage (paper, wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric, postcards, cards), candy hearts, plastic rings, photographs, fake or dried flowers, paint, stamps, etc.

Also, be sure to give yourself enough time to finish these invitations and to mail them out in time for people to be able to RSVP for the wedding. Try to recruit help from the bridesmaids or groomsmen, even if not all of them are crafty or artsy.

Hire a Designer

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If you are not artsy or crafty, that does not mean you have to send out cookie-cutter invitations or use templates that have been used many times by other couples. Hire a graphic designer or someone who specifically designs wedding invitations and programs. Make sure you hire someone with plenty of experience and who has many examples to show you.

When hiring a designer, make sure you are vocal about what you want in the design. Specify colours and even fonts if you are partial to any. Bring an example of the text, and an experienced designer will be able to find it. Make sure you get a proof of the invitation to check before the designer prints off all your invitations.

Unusual Ideas for a Wedding Invitation

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A wedding invitation does not need to be in standard invitation form. It can completely break tradition, which will make it stand out. You can get your wedding invitation information printed on almost anything, from custom wine labels put on your favourite bottle of wine to custom designed chocolate bar labels containing the wedding information. Other ideas include gift baskets, magnets or postcards. You can get these types of invitations printed at a reasonable price, and they are much less expensive than standard wedding invitations. You may choose to hire a designer or design these types of invitations yourself.

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