Fun Things to Do in London for Teenagers

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London, England is a town filled with exciting opportunities for travellers, including teenagers. Teens may find pleasure sightseeing, shopping, visiting museums, going to the cinema or enjoying nature. These activities may be enjoyed as a family, but many of them can be enjoyed by teenagers on their own or in groups.


London has many exciting sightseeing options for teenagers, such as visiting Buckingham Palace and watching the changing of the guards. Teens, as well as their parents, enjoy Buckingham Palace due to its historic nature. Teens may enjoy seeing the guards' seriousness while they perform their daily duties. Teens may also enjoy more offbeat, gory or media-focused sightseeing, including such things as Jack the Ripper walking tours, the excavated tombs of the London Bridge and places where scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed. For teenage music fans, the famous spot on Abbey Road where the Beatles album cover was photographed may also be a fun place to visit.


Teenagers can visit the London markets for a fun and different shopping experience. Spitalfields Fashion Market, located near the Liverpool Street Station, offers contemporary and hip fashion finds for teenagers. Camden Market has a wide selection of music, games, fashion and jewellery for teenagers and adults. Portobello Road Market has food vendors offering British snacks as well as a variety of second-hand clothing and other offerings that budget-minded teens can appreciate.

Museums and Cinema

Teenagers who enjoy traditional museums may enjoy visiting The British Museum, which houses a large collection of artefacts from around the world. The National Maritime Museum offers an opportunity to learn about the history of Britain's navy. The Science Museum is widely known and exhibits objects shown at the Great Exhibition. The London Dungeon is a medieval-style museum with wax replicas of many of the frightful historic occurrences in London's history. For film oriented teenagers, London has hundreds of cinemas showing the latest films as well as classic movie selections.


For such a large metropolitan city, London has many opportunities for teenagers to enjoy nature. These are inexpensive and safe daytime activities for teenagers, and adults may feel comfortable allowing teens to explore them on their own. There are city farms that are generally free to the public and teach about gardening and farming. Teens can also visit London's parks, such as Regent's Park, for opportunities to rent rowboats and feed birds. The London Zoo and London Aquarium are well known, and allow teens to view and learn about animals.