Gift Ideas for a House Builder

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A home builder makes dreams come true. He works with the homeowner, financiers, and real estate agents to make ideas take shape from a dream to reality, and has to meet the demands, specifications and requirements of all parties involved. A handshake and verbal thanks is less than a full show of appreciation to a home builder. Go a step further by giving a gift to express gratitude and thanks for making your home transform from a blueprint for a house to a building that becomes a home to shelter family members and enjoy with friends for years to come.

Photo Scrapbook

Take photographs from start to finish on the home building project. Do not reveal to the builder that you have a gift project in mind. While you are taking photographs for your own purposes, make additional copies of the photos to compile into a scrapbook for the builder as a gift. Find a nice book to print the photos and that allows you to include captions. He will enjoy the present that chronicles the work involved in building your home from ground-up to chimney.

Surprise Onsite Lunch

Having gone through the project of home construction you are aware of the work involved and crew that's required. Find out where the builder's next project site is located. A quick call to his office or discreet inquiry can clue you in to the location. Once your home is completed, surprise the builder with lunch delivered to him and his crew on his next job site. It can be as casual as having pizzas delivered, box lunches from a favoured fast food restaurant, or as creative as pulling up and setting up a food table on the job site with warming trays for a buffet style lunch to serve the builder and the crew.

Car wash Coupons

You probably know from first-hand experience just how dirty and muddy vehicles get when working on a house-building project. Make a note of the type of vehicle that the builder drives. Figure out whether the vehicle is one that can go through a traditional car wash or needs to be personally hand washed and detailed. Contact car wash owners close to where the builder's office is located. Arrange to give the builder the gift of a car wash complete with interior detailing.


If you own a video camera, make a video journal of the project. Keep the project a secret from the builder. Chronicle every phase from groundbreaking to inspection, frame building to installing the roof. Capture members of the team at work and even some of the not-so-funny moments that happened during the construction. Edit the footage together into a video gift for the builder. Include final scenes that show you and your family members enjoying the new home and personal "salutes" to the builder for a job well done.

Website Services

Builders may be good and even great at building homes, but not so good at building and updating their websites. Explore opportunities to give the gift of hiring a professional website developer to update the builder's website. Include photographs from the home built for you and a testimonial for inclusion in the newly updated website content.

Business Promotional Gifts

Think about ideas to help the builder build his business. If the builder needs promotional items like kitchen magnets, sports cups or pens source companies that produce promotional items. Get a copy of the builder's business card so the items can include the builder's logo, website address and telephone contact information.

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