Mercedes Benz Bluetooth-Compatible Phones

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Because of today's technology and consumer demands for advanced methods of on-the-go communication, auto manufacturers are creating cars that can operate mobile phones.

By using Bluetooth technology, tiny radio chips--found in many handsets--are being installed in luxury cars, enabling drivers the convenience and safety of completely hands-free communication while driving. If you drive a newer model Mercedes Benz, Bluetooth-compatible phones are available in dozens of makes and models to make on-the-road communication a snap.


Apple offers three types of mobile phones that are Bluetooth-compatible with newer model Mercedes Benz autos. The iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS are all Bluetooth-equipped and ready for service in your Mercedes Benz. All three Apple cell phones will operate in conjunction with your car's Bluetooth to complete the following services: importation of address books, call waiting, speed dialling, call handling, call transferring and signal display.


Samsung offers a selection of four cell phones that are compatible with Mercedes Benz vehicles--SGH-A177, SGH-A887 Solstice, SGH-i637 and SGH- T479 Gravity. However, the features vary by model. All four phones are equipped to enable speed dialling and call waiting. All except the SGH-A177 are capable of V-card transfer, and only the SGH-i637 can import your address book to your car. All four models include Mercedes Benz-compatible call handling, call transferring and signal displays.

Sony Ericsson

Your newer model Mercedes Bluetooth can function with Sony Ericsson model numbers C905, TM 506, W518, W580i and W760i. All five are equipped for call handling, call transferring and display signals, except for the W518, which cannot transfer calls. Other restrictions for the W518 are call waiting, importing address books and call lists and V-card transfers, but the other four Sony Ericsson models do include these features.


You can use Nokia cellphone models 2670, 6133, 6301, 6555, 6790 Surge and E62 with your Mercedes Benz Bluetooth. None of them offer address-book importation but they all do have V-card transfer capabilities, call handling, call transferring and signal displays. Advanced functions for all six include speed dial and call waiting, and all but the 6790 Surge and 2760 include in-band ringtone.


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Mercedes Benz Bluetooth features are compatible with a number of other cell phones provided by various electronics manufacturers. HTC manufactures five compatible models, Motorola offers nine models (including three Razor phones), LG manufactures five models, Palm has six and RIM has 13. Features and advanced cellphone functions vary by make and model number.