Foods to Eat on a Bland Diet

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A bland diet consists of foods that are soft in texture, seasoned lightly, low in fiber and easy to digest. These foods are not irritating to the stomach lining and should not produce stomach acids. A bland diet is recommended for nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, heartburn and gas. Doctors may also prescribe a bland diet for pancreatitis, ulcers, gastritis, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic ulcer disease, hemorrhoids, hyper-acidity and peptic ulcers, and after intestinal or stomach surgery.

Meats and Protein

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Two servings a day of broiled, roasted or steamed poultry or fish, crisp bacon, very tender pork, beef, liver, lamb or veal, canned salmon and tuna are allowed. Other proteins include scrambled, poached, baked, creamed, hard or soft cooked eggs, plain omelets and soufflés. Seeds and nuts of all varieties are allowed on a bland diet.


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Three to 10 daily servings of grains and grain products including plain white, wheat, whole grain or enriched bread, buns, rolls or English muffins. Other grains to eat are refined cooked cereals such as oatmeal, farina, cream of wheat or cream of rice, grits, white or wild rice, and dry cereal such as cornflakes and puffed wheat. Other allowable grains are waffles, saltines, soda or graham crackers, macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, pretzels, tortillas and popcorn.


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Four to six servings a day of cooked tender green beans, wax beans, asparagus tips, beets, green peas, mushrooms, carrots and squash can be eaten. Mashed, baked, broiled white or sweet potatoes without skins are allowed and vegetables can be scalloped, creamed, served in soups or gelatin salads.


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Two to five servings a day of canned pears, peaches, cherries or applesauce are allowed. Other fruits that can be eaten on a bland diet include stewed and peeled pears, peaches, baked apples, apricots, bananas and avocados.


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Two to three servings a day of milk or milk products including fresh, evaporated or dried milk, yogurt, cream and cottage cheese are allowed. American or any other cheese that is plain and mild can be eaten.

Desserts and Sweets

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Sweets are restricted to one serving a day in limited portions and amounts. Pound, plain, sponge or angel food cake, cookies, ice cream, sherbet, gelatin, plain pudding and custard are allowed, as well as sugar, jelly, molasses, honey, marshmallows, syrup, fruit flavored hard candy and gumdrops.


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Six to eight cups a day of any beverage except those that contain alcohol or caffeine are allowed. These include decaffeinated coffee and soft drinks, water, lemonade, fruit and vegetable juice.

Other Foods

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Fats and oils such as butter, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, sour cream, gravies, cream sauces, salad oil, vegetable oils and peanut butter should be used sparingly. Allowed spices are cinnamon, salt, mace, paprika, parsley and lemon vinegar.

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