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There are many reasons people find themselves on low- or no-sodium diets: high blood pressure, kidney problems and weight loss, to name a few. For people with these conditions, making the adjustment to cooking without salt may be challenging. Fortunately, there are several options, including Benson's salt substitute Table Tasty, to improve the flavour of food without adding salt.

Salt Substitutes

For those on a restricted-sodium diet, salt substitutes can give otherwise bland foods added flavour. Some salt substitutes use potassium chloride to replace sodium chloride. This switch can be beneficial to those who are deficient in potassium but may be harmful to anyone whose body cannot process extra potassium, like those with kidney problems. Other salt substitutes are seasoning blends designed to enhance the flavour of food and eliminate the need for a "salt" taste.

About Benson's

Benson's Gourmet Seasonings was founded 1989 in pursuit of a salt-free popcorn seasoning. The company originally intended to create a potassium-free seasoning for those on restrictive diets or seeking a low-sodium lifestyle. The first product Benson's introduced was its all-purpose salt substitute and popcorn seasoning. The company's product line has expanded to include nine salt-free seasonings and two cookbooks.

Table Tasty

Benson's salt substitute, Table Tasty, contains several all-natural ingredients: nutritional yeast, carrot, red bell pepper, arrowroot, lemon, garlic, celery, dill, paprika, allspice, sweet basil and parsley. None of the company's seasonings contain potassium or tomato, which is important to those who are on a restricted diet due to kidney problems. The seasoning contains 10 mg of potassium but no other nutrients in significant amounts. Table Tasty is available in a 56.7gr. container for £3.20 or a 454gr. package for £16.20, as of 2011. According to the company's website, there are plans for the production of two more seasonings: Table Tasty with Roasted Garlic and Table Tasty with Chipotle.

Other Benson's Seasonings

Benson's produces eight other salt-free seasonings. The Family seasoning line, intended for the home cook, consists of Supreme, Gusto, Masterpiece, Zesty and Calypso. The Sportsmen's line, intended to season hunted game, consists of Ponderosa for big and small game, Heritage for upland birds and waterfowl, and Bravado for chilli recipes and beans.

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