Disco party games for kids

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Enjoy a flashback to the '70s with a disco-themed party for your child featuring disco balls, bell-bottomed hip-huggers and platform shoes. Along with the retro style, include an array of party games for the guests. Play games and award prizes to keep the children entertained.

Disco Costume Contest

Hold a disco costume contest. Tell guests in the invitations the contest is judged on big hair, clothes, platform shoes, leisure suits and any other great '70s style they can create. Let three adults select the winner of the costume contest. If you would like to award more than one prize, award a prize for best hair, best dressed and best overall look.

Disco Dance Moves

Before the party starts, find some old movies or videos of disco dance moves. Get all the children to watch the videos, and tell them they are going to try to copy the disco dance moves. Let the children watch the video for about five minutes. Have adults give points on enthusiasm and accuracy of the dancing, then turn it over to the kids to judge as well. Tally the points to find the winner.

Pass the Glow Stick

Purchase a couple of neon glow sticks at a retail store in the party supply section or party shop. Ask all the children to sit in a circle. Give one child the glow stick. Play '70s music and tell the children to start passing the glow stick around the circle. When the music stops, the child who is holding the glow stick is out of the game. Keep playing until one person is left, that person wins the glow stick. Play a couple of rounds so a few children win a glow stick.

Disco Ball Toss

Get several medium and large size buckets, and purchase some small plastic disco balls. Mark a starting line about 10 feet away from the buckets. The kids will stand at the line. Give each child three disco balls to toss into the buckets. If everyone tosses all three in, move the buckets further away. Award each child who lands all three disco balls a small prize.

Disco Karaoke

Hold a dance- or sing-off competition to '70s songs with artists such as Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart and Elton John. Split the party guests up into groups of three or four and let them select the song they want to sing/dance to for the competition. Separate the teams into different rooms to practice their songs for 15 minutes. Then let each team sing or dance their hearts out.

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