Design Ideas for Ensuite Bathrooms

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Whether your ensuite bathroom is small or large, the way you design your bath can affect the overall efficiency of the space. Before you begin designing your space, come up with a list of everything you'd like to include, such as a separate shower. Making a list ahead of time will keep you from leaving anything out and save you time as you come up with a design plan.

Save on Space

If your ensuite bathroom is small, save on space as you plan by choosing design elements that don't take up a lot of room. For instance, instead of using a large single sink and vanity cabinet, try adding a historic corner sink with a smaller footprint. Add a shower in place of a bathtub and shower combination, or create extra storage up top around the ceiling or by hanging items on hooks instead of stacking them.

Open Up

Small spaces like bathrooms can get cramped, but you can open up the space with a few key design elements. In place of closed cabinet storage, use open shelves to store towels and toiletries. Try lighter colours on the floors and walls to make the space look larger, and if you have the cash, add a window or a set of skylights to bring a breeze and natural light into the room. For an even more open effect, banish sink-top clutter to under the sink, on a shelf or inside a closet.

Add Detail

Give your bathroom character by adding detail. Find a set of old shutters to put on the inside of the windows, instead of installing glass block. Choose an unusual baseboard or moulding with intricate detailing, or create a mosaic floor with a variety of tiles in different shades of the same colour, such as bone, bright white and ecru tiles. Add detail to your walls by installing bead board or get colourful with glass or ceramic wall tiles.

Match It

An ensuite bathroom is viewed as an extension of the bedroom, so make it match. Choose colours for your ensuite bathroom that complement the bedroom. Continue flooring from the bedroom into the bathroom if possible, or choose flooring in a similar colour. Keep in mind items in the bathroom don't have to match completely as long as the colour scheme is similar. Paint your bedroom walls a deep blue and your ensuite bathroom walls a lighter shade.

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