Tumblebugs 2 Game Cheats

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"Tumblebugs 2," a PC game released in 2008 by the Wildfire Studios gaming company, features simple gameplay. You control a small bug that shot balls at other balls, attempting to match three of the same colour to clear the screen. It is a sequel to the original “Tumblebugs” game and features cheats that can enhance gameplay.

Level Select

One of the nice things about PC games is that advanced players can change their settings to give themselves advantages and cheats. However, many gamers won’t understand how to perform these actions. Use this simple cheat to open up all the levels in the game. Start by going into the “Application Data” folder on your computer. Search for hidden files to find the “Wildfire” folder. Find the file named TBConfig.xml. Open it up with Windows Notepad. Find the values “beststage value,” bestlevel value” and “best round value.” Change the value after the equals sign in these values to the following numbers, in this order: 4, 3 and 6. All the levels in the game will be available to play from the very beginning of the game. This makes it easier to get practice on those more difficult later levels.

More Lives

You can further edit the game to give yourself as many lives as you want. This requires editing the tumblebugs.xml file. This file is in the “media” file in the “Wildfire” folder. Open it up with Wordpad instead of Notepad as it will be too large for Notepad to open. Search for the line “lives value=3.” Erase the three and change it to a larger number. It can be as large as you like. Save the file before you close it to keep your changes. Once you start the game, you will have an increased number of lives equal to the number you placed in the value. Before trying to edit any important game file, copy and paste the original file elsewhere just in case your editing results in messing up the operation of the game.

Increased Bonus Points

Another value you can change to boost your game performance are the bonus points. These points come when you beat a level right after you kill the pusher bug. Increasing these points can make it possible for you to get extra lives quickly if you prefer not to set your number of lives at the beginning of the game. Open up the tumblebugs.xml file with WordPad. Go to Lines 88 and 89. The 88th line should be called “pathbonuspushertohead value=75.” This means you will get 75 points every time you defeat the pusher bug. Change the 75 to any increased number to get more points at the end of each round. Line 89 is the bonus points you gain from the time it took to beat the level and it should read “pathbonusheadtoexitvalue =30.” Change "30" to any number you like to increase the value.

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