Gifts for a Driving Instructor

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Driving instructors work hard to ensure their students become the best drivers they can be. This hard work and dedication is worthy of celebration at the end of the tutoring period year. To show your appreciation for your driving instructor, purchase or create a thoughtful gift to give to your instructor to prove that driving instructing is not always a thankless job. Even if your instructor is a parent, he will also appreciate a thoughtful gift.

Driving Supplies

Driving instructors will appreciate the gift of driving supplies, such as clipboards, pencils, air fresheners, seat covers, floor mats and any other supplies that they commonly use to coach with. A fun way to present the gift to the instructor is to place several driving items together in a basket. You can even have different members of the driving class purchase one small item and then present all of the items together as one large gift. This prevents individuals from carrying the entire expense of a large present and allows all group members to express their appreciation.

Thank You Note

The best gift for a driving coach is a heartfelt note that expresses all of the thanks and appreciation that the driving student has for the instructor. Try to mention as many specifics as possible, such as how the instructor helped you master a difficult driving technique or kept you from quitting when you felt discouraged. Thank you notes always make great gifts because not only is the message meaningful to the instructor, there is no question of how to store the item afterward. The driving instructor can easily store many notes without having to rearrange any rooms in her house.


Edibles also make wonderful gifts for driving instructors. Discover what the instructor prefers to eat. If she is enjoys healthy snacks, then purchase energy bars, healthy smoothie mixes or a fruit basket. If the instructor indulges in occasional junk food, then purchase some of her favourite snacks for a sweet or salty treat. As with a thank you note, the best part about this gift is that the driving instructor does not have to worry about finding a storage place for edible gifts. A nice wine or other expensive beverage is also a thoughtful gift.

Sentimental or Cute Gifts

For a more cutesy route, purchase a figurine of a car or person driving, a T-shirt praising driving instructors or some other item that relates to cars and driving. Many stores offer specific, thematic gifts, and driving is no exception. Find a driving Christmas ornament, picture, plaque or towels to give to the instructor. Personalise the gifts to increase the thoughtfulness of the gift.

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