Gift ideas for men at age 90

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Living to 90 years old is an accomplishment to be celebrated. The newest technology might be great for a younger man, but for this birthday, reliving the past is key. Celebrating the achievements of this man's life will help to celebrate his life and also teach younger relatives about what he spent his years doing. Keep gifts simple and mostly home-made.

Historical Gifts

Ninety years is a long time to compile a lot of memories. Wars, human accomplishments, inspiring people and events occur over the course of nine decades. Helping a 90-year-old man remember some of these events with primary documents would make for an excellent birthday gift. Major newspapers will reprint front pages of past issues for a fee. Public libraries also often have a century's worth of microfiche records for many newspapers. Find the front page of the local newspaper from 90 years ago, the day he was born.

Compile a compact disc with songs from his youth and any videos he watched as an adolescent. Music can be found on iTunes and videos and DVDs can be bought from online retailers like Amazon, or found on eBay.

Family Memories

A 90-year-old man likely to be a grandfather, if not a great-grandfather. This means years of memories, stories and pictures exist. Make a scrapbook and have each member of the family attach a picture and a story in the book.

A large family get-together is a present in itself. Using the birthday to coordinate a family reunion of sorts would allow old stories to be told. This gathering will leave him looking proudly over the family he helped to create.


As people get older and move into retirement, more time is meant for relaxation. Help any 90-year-old man relax with a gift like comfortable slippers, a reclining chair and a new television with a subscription to the History Channel or Turner Classic Movies.

Slippers can be found at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. For reclining chairs, go to a La-Z-Boy store and the television can be found at Best Buy or other electronics stores. He will be able to spend his days happy in his chair watching stories about his past.

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