The best fertilisers to grow tomato plants

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Whether you are looking to win the blue ribbon at the country fair or just want a nice juicy tomato, knowing the best fertiliser will help you achieve your goal. Tomatoes are heavy feeding plants. They don't take a lot of maintenance other than the occasional watering and feeding from some form of fertiliser, whether a liquid, granule or just your own compost.


Composting provides one of the best and least expensive ways to fertilise your tomatoes; use yard clippings, eggshells, overripe fruit and anything biodegradable. Avoid using things like meat and grease. Before putting your compost with your tomatoes, check the pH level. A good level of pH ranges between 6.0 and 7.0. Composting keeps the moisture level even at the roots.

Liquid tomato fertiliser

Once you have an established tomato plant, use a liquid fertiliser, which has a fast release and quickly replenishes the lost nutrients. Blended with fish kelp, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, this type of fertiliser is ideal for tomato plants. Buy liquid fertiliser at any major lawn-care provider. The only drawback to using liquid fertiliser lies in the fact that you need to reapply the fertiliser often during rains or prolonged dry spells.

Tomatoes Alive

Tomatoes Alive is specifically designed to give tomatoes what they need. It releases some nutrients quickly to start the plant and keep it healthy when it is young and becoming established; it releases other nutrients slowly to avoid root damage. Also, as the plant matures, it does not need nutrients as quickly. Home Improvement Time studies proved that tomatoes grown with Tomatoes Alive produced 150 per cent more tomatoes than plants with no fertiliser.

Tomato Tone

Tomato Tone is an all-natural product made from plants and other natural products. Use this type of fertiliser on transplanted or mature plants. You only need a handful of fertiliser sprinkled around the plant. Tomato Tone has a special formula with more than three million microbes that benefit to the roots, keeping them strong and healthy. According to Veggigardener, tomatoes grown with Tomato Tone grew bigger and faster than those without, and they produced more tomatoes than did plants with no fertiliser. This blend contains 3 per cent nitrogen, 4 per cent phosphorus and 6 per cent potassium; all of which are essential to growing good healthy tomatoes.

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