In the Woods Scavenger Hunt Ideas

forest image by DOLPHIN from

A scavenger hunt is an interactive party activity that will keep your guests entertained as they compete with one another to be the first to win. Holding a scavenger hunt in the great outdoors is an excellent way for guests to get in touch with nature and learn more about it.

Remember to give all of your guests a list of objects to find before they commence the scavenger hunt, as well as a set time for completion.

Plants and Leaves

Have your guests explore the woods to identify specific types of plants and leaves. Ask guests to bring back leaves from specific plants or drawings of the entire plant. Make sure to provide guests with a notepad and pencil for this scavenger hunt.

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are abundant in the woods during the spring and summer months. They make great objects to find on a scavenger hunt. Have your guests look for exact species of wild flowers or ask them to draw a picture of one. Another idea is to have guests create a garland out of certain wild flowers and bring it back as one of the objects on the list.

Sticks and Stones

Branches and stones are plentiful in the woods. Have your guests look for stones that are a specific size or shape. For the sticks, have your guests use a set number to build something, perhaps a small raft, which will count as an object on the list. Make sure to give your guests all the materials they will need to fulfil the task such as twine or cutting implements.

Bugs and Insects

The woods are full of bugs and insects. Have your guests find certain types that are common in the woods that you are using for the scavenger hunt. Have guests draw a picture of the insect or snap a photo of it with a digital camera. Provide your guests with a picture list of the insects. Ask your guests to bring along their own digital or instant camera.

Hidden Camping Objects

Bring your own hidden camping objects to fit in with the woods theme. You can use common items found on a camping site such as a lantern or cooking pot. Hide the objects in the woods, either on the ground or high up in a tree, before your guests arrive. Provide your guests with a picture list of the hidden objects and a large bag to collect them in.