Beauty & the beast costume ideas

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"Beauty and the Beast" is a beloved children's story and Disney movie. Children and adults alike may want to dress up as their favourite character from the tale for Halloween or a costume party.

With a little creativity and some basic clothing items and accessories, you can pull together a "Beauty and the Beast" costume.


Belle is the heroine of this story, and girls can dress up as this Disney princess with a few costume items. For her peasant look, pair a long blue dress with a white blouse and white apron. Carry a stack of books as your prop. For Belle's classic princess look, wear a yellow dress with a full skirt and elbow-length gloves dyed yellow to match.

The Beast

The Beast is Belle's love interest, a prince disguised as a beastly creature. Have boys wear a white dress shirt with blue trousers, and sew a long purple cape for them to wear. Make them a head piece so they will instantly be recognised as the Beast, by cutting off a brown hood from a sweatshirt and covering it with some furry fabric from a craft store. The Beast's ballroom look includes knee-length black dress trousers and a blue and gold suit jacket with tails.


Gaston, the villain of this story, is a macho hunter. A boy can wear a red shirt, black leggings and brown boots, along with a crimson cape. Slick hair back with some gel and add a thick belt with a large brass buckle. As Gaston is a hunter, your little boy can carry a toy bow and arrow, as well.