Gifts for a Secretary Who Is Leaving

What do you buy a person who has answered every administrative and office-related question you had?

Finding the perfect gift for a secretary who is retiring or moving on to another job can be difficult, but there are a number of ideas that range from a simple coffee mug to a more personalised keepsake that can make your secretary feel truly appreciated.

Gifts for a Professional

One gift idea for a departing secretary is personalised office supplies such as a personalised magnetic pen with an attached post-it-note holder. To further personalise this gift, opt to have the pen laser etched or engraved with their secretary's name for an additional £9. The set can be purchased through the company's website at

Electronic Signature Gifts

A creative gift for a secretary could be a personalised e-mail signature. Given how frequently secretaries use their e-mail address to correspond with clients, make reservations and perform other daily duties, a personalised signature to be placed at the bottom of their messages could be a creative way to acknowledge their hard work and yet give them something that will be truly useful. The signature features an avatar based on an uploaded photograph of the secretary and includes their name and where they work. Avatars are hand drawn and digitally coloured and can be purchased at

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Another gift idea for a secretary leaving the office is a gourmet gift basket. With a variety of small presents wrapped up into one bundle, a gift basket can appeal to anyone. The Ravenswood White Wine Basket available through Gourmet Gift Baskets comes with a bottle of chardonnay, wine biscuits, artichoke dip, cheese, sausage and various crackers.