How to message all followers on SoundCloud

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SoundCloud is a social networking service that puts an emphasis on the audio experience. The main SoundCloud website allows you to create and record your own sounds and share them with all of your friends over the Internet. If you want to create a message that shares a particular sound with your followers you can do so using a very specific command.

Open your Web browser and visit the main SoundCloud website. Click "Log In" in the upper-left corner and log into your SoundCloud account.

Click "Tracks" at the top of the screen. Select the "Sharing Note" option in the toolbar of the track you have selected.

Type the message you want to send to all of your followers in the box on the screen. Click the "Share" option to send the message, along with the track, to all of your followers. This message will be published to any Facebook or Twitter accounts you have linked to your SoundCloud account.

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