Kosher Foods for Kids

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Cooking and eating kosher can be difficult for children. Kosher foods cannot contain pork products, shellfish or mix dairy and meat. Furthermore, preparation of kosher foods is very important, and slaughters of the animals must follow Jewish ritual, states Rabbi Moshe Epstein of Challah Connection.

Luckily, there are many foods that kids love that you can easily modify using certified kosher ingredients.


You cannot mix protein derived from meat dairy products according to Jewish law, states Tracey Rich, founder of Judaism 101: The Online Jewish Encyclopedia. Mix kosher meats with vegetables and starches for children. For an easy kosher meal kids will love, dip three butterflied, boneless chicken breasts in two beaten eggs. Coat chicken with potato chips and bake at 375 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes in a baking pan. If using beans, make kosher chilli without cheese or a warm lentil soup with chicken broth.


Starches and carbohydrates are important in a child's diet. According to the United Synagogue, all dried pasta is kosher. Spaghetti and tomato sauce, meatless lasagne and vegetable-filled tortellini are all great kosher options for children. Potato latkes are a traditional Jewish breakfast option for children. French fries are a popular kosher side dish that you can make from sweet potatoes for extra nutrition. There are many kosher and kid-friendly rice dishes as well.


All fruits and vegetables are kosher as long as they are free of insects and worms, according to Tracey Rich. Although it can be difficult to convince children to eat vegetables, they are an essential part of a child's diet. Try steaming their favourite vegetables and adding a light butter sauce. Make kosher pizza by excluding meat and adding frozen spinach to the pizza sauce. You can make vegetable patties and serve them like hamburgers. Make traditional matzo brei with fresh vegetables and herbs.


Haroset, a traditional Jewish dessert, consists of apples, cinnamon and honey and can be prepared with the help of children because it requires no baking. Fruit Pavlova can be made kosher by substituting a non-dairy whipped topping for whipped cream. Most desserts can be modified with kosher ingredients, including brownies, cookies and cakes.