Easy homemade gift ideas for friends

gift boxes, Christmas gifts/presents image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

You don't have to spend your entire paycheck---or even half of it---on a gift for a special friend. Most people appreciate gifts, but it really is the thought, time and creativity that goes into a gift that makes it treasured.

Make easy, homemade gifts for your friends using many materials you likely have in your craft supply containers.

Greeting Card

When you put enough time and creativity into a greeting card, it actually can feel like a gift. A greeting card is a perfect gift for a friend whom you would not normally give a gift to but still want to give a token of honour and appreciation. Make your card out of card stock so it will be sturdy, and embellish it with small decorations that fit the personality of the gift recipient such as ribbon, buttons and faux crystals.

Birthday Cake

A birthday is not complete without a sweet presented in honour of the birthday person. Make a creative baked dessert that goes beyond the typical cake. For example, consider buying a mould from an online vendor to bake a gigantic cupcake. Or make a fruit tart or pizza. This homemade sweet can look impressive with the different colours of sliced fruit arranged on a pie.

Gift in a Jar

Fill a glass mason jar with birthday gifts that suit your friend. For example, fill one with homemade sweet tea mix for a Southern friend who loves tea. The jar can house a stack of your friend's favourite cookies, buttermilk pancake mix or even colourful beads, for a friend who loves to make her own jewellery. The jar adds charm and is inexpensive. The contents are up to you and allow you to be creative.