Skittles Costume Ideas

candy image by Soja Andrzej from

Skittles candy encourages its fans to "Taste the Rainbow," which makes it clear that the candy---and costumes related to the candy---are bright and colourful. Skittles are round candies in a solid, bright colour with a large "S" on each piece.

This costume will lend itself well to a group ensemble but will work on an individual level as well. You can create this costume through many items found in your own closet or at a local craft or party store.

Pick a Color

For a simple and easy group costume, have each participant choose one of the five Skittles colours---red, green, orange, purple and yellow. Each person must then dress from head to toe in this colour. Use face paint in the selected colour, if desired, to complete the look. Use fabric paint or fabric glue and white fabric to place a large "S" in the centre of everyone's shirt. Carry a bag of Skittles in your pocket to munch on as a tasty accessory.


Balloons can help to give your body the circular dimension of a Skittle or can represent the candies themselves. For a group ensemble, each group member should pick a colour and dress from head to toe either in that colour or in all black. Blow up numerous balloons in your selected colour, and glue or tape them all around your torso to create a round shape. Paint a large "S" on the centre balloons. If you're going solo, dress in red like the Skittles bag. Choose balloons in all of the Skittles colours, and paint a white "S" on each balloon. Attach them to your clothing.


Cut the bottom flaps off a box large enough to fit your torso, and cut holes in the top and sides to fit your head and arms. If you're going solo, paint the box red, and attach balloons the colour of Skittles to it with a white "S" painted on each of them. The costume transforms you into a bag of Skittles. For a group ensemble, paint each box your selected Skittles colour. Paint two sheets of poster board the same colour. Attach the poster board to the sides of the box, but do not glue it down flat. Glue just the ends of the poster board to the front and back edges of the box on either side. The poster board should form a slight arch. When both sides are applied, the box should have transformed to an oval or circle shape. Paint a white "S" in the front centre of the box.