Hippie tattoo ideas

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Hippie tattoos catch the eye with bright colours, exuberant fonts and friendly designs. They also have a great deal of meaning to those who wish to convey an appreciation for nature, peace and love.

Whether you're looking for a hippie tattoo that looks attractive or speaks to the soul, there are many ideas to choose from.

Peace Sign

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Created in 1958 as a part of the nuclear disarmament movement in Britain, the peace sign came to the United States as a symbol of the civil rights movement, according to Design Boom. Later, it would be used during the hippie movement's protests against the Vietnam War. As a tattoo, the peace sign allows for design variety. You can turn it into a beautiful, psychedelic hippie tattoo when coloured with bright hues. Or, choose an understated peace sign in black and white. Because Design Boom calls the peace sign "one of the most widely known symbols in the world," others will know what your tattoo stands for.

Floral Tattoos

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Representing nature, flowers were a large part of hippie fashion during the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, the term "flower child" serves as a synonym for hippie. For this reason, a popular type of hippie tattoo is the flower tattoo. Although you can choose from a variety of flowers in your tattoo---all of which have different meanings---hippie flowers follow a certain design. Generally, they are large, loose and colourful. According to Luxury Magazine, hippie style emphasised beauty and comfort. Flowers, because they are naturally beautiful, cost nothing and suggest the importance of nature, fit the bill. A hippie flower tattoo not only looks attractive, but it can suggest a respect for nature or beauty.

African, Egyptian, and Other Symbols

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According to Luxury Magazine, hippie fashion had its roots in the cultural dress of Nepal, Africa and India. In addition, the magazine notes that they often used hieroglyphics for decoration. When drawn in the bubbly hippie font of the 1960s and '70s, these symbols become hippie tattoos for the 21st century. For example, the yin and yang symbol, an ancient Chinese figure that represents the opposing forces in nature, and the Egyptian Ankh, a symbol meaning life, are tattoos that suggest the hippie movement and values. When infused with the psychedelic hippie colour, they become tattoos that not only look good but have meaning.