Craft show booth display ideas

Window display. image by Victor Samoilovich from

At a crafts show, your booth display directly influences your sales potential in more ways than one. An inviting booth space attracts more customers, and a well-designed display shows off your crafts to their best advantage.

In addition, as Larry Kadubec, author of "Crafts and Craft Shows: How to Make Money," points out, many of the more prestigious---and more profitable---craft shows require a photo of your booth with your application. An attractive, professional-looking booth increases your chances of acceptance in those shows.

Think Dimensionally

Many crafters overlook a significant amount of display space because they fail to think in three dimensions. Hanging racks and shallow shelves provide vertical display space when stacked on tables and against walls. A small rack made of wooden dowels becomes a two-sided display when you stand it in the centre of a table. A trio of hat boxes in graduated sizes and covered with a coloured cloth allows you to display more small items than you could show off on a flat tabletop---and in a far more interesting manner. The hat boxes also offer another advantage: you can store additional merchandise inside them, keeping it out of sight until it's needed.

Create a Retreat

Craft shows are full of hustle and bustle with crowded aisles, lots of noise, and sellers competing for attention. Turn your craft booth into an oasis in the middle of the chaotic carnival. Choose a theme that suits your particular craft and decorate around it. Display handcrafted wooden furniture in a room setting---Grandma's country kitchen, perhaps? Use plants and stone walls to create a setting for sculptured or cast garden ornaments. Cloth walls, lighting, and music will all contribute to the feeling of stepping into another world, inviting your prospective customers to linger and spend more time with your products.

Upscale Craft Booths

High-end crafts like stained glass, gemstone jewellery, handmade furniture, and hand-stitched quilts should be displayed like the prizes that they are. Create a gallery atmosphere with sumptuous fabrics and rich colours designed to show off your wares. Fabric walls absorb sound and turn your booth into a stand-alone store. The newest advances in portable LED lighting technology even make it possible to create gallery-style lighting for your displays.