Spirit Week Ideas for Work

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The whimsy of spirit week--known to children and teenage students as a time to wear face paint, crazy socks and rainbow wigs in an effort to show school spirit--can be carried on to adulthood in any company willing to let loose and liven up the work environment for five days in a row.

Boost morale and work spirit with a unique theme for each day of the week, such as these entertaining and creative spirit week ideas.

Decades Monday

A decades theme day--listed on the Michigan Associations of Student Councils Honor Societies website's "Spirit Week Themes"--provides ample opportunity for responsible, working adults to play dress-up outside of Halloween. During a spirit week's decades day, workers might dress up as a 1960s flower child, the Roaring Twenties flapper or 1980s punk rocker. With a decades day, your employees can enjoy the freedom to dress the way they would had they been born in another era, or possibly the way they used to dress.

Guess Who Tuesday

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Establish a guess who day to give workers the opportunity to dress up as fellow co-workers and bosses. Without telling anyone their alternate identities, employees wear clothing and wigs that resemble other co-workers. At the end of the day or during lunch, your organisation might hold a runway-style fashion show where participants can guess the emulated identities and win a prize.

Decorative Wednesday

Announce a certain decorative theme--based on a chosen colour, holiday, work goal or collective cause--and ask employees to decorate their offices, cubicles, desks, doors and other work spaces to fit the topic. Offer prizes for the most creative or elaborate decorations.

"I'd Rather Be" Thursday

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With most of the work week out of the way, your employees can begin to dream of the weekend by celebrating what they would rather be doing instead of working. Allow company members to dress up or decorate with alternative activity-based items, such as golf clubs, bowling shoes, dance dresses, party hats, fishing gear, etc.

Ultra Casual Friday

While the traditional casual-Friday jeans and sneakers may seem like comfortable attire for the end of the week, pyjamas and slippers could be even better. Establish spirit week's Friday as a day to crawl out of bed, bypass make-up and dress clothes and go to work just as you are. Workers might choose comfy robes, fluffy slippers, cosy pyjamas or loose sweats in which to spend their last hours of their morale-lifting spirit week.