Games to play in the office with coworkers

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Office doldrums are typical to offices everywhere--yours included. As the day drags on, productivity wanes, and employees steal more and more glances at the clock, which seems only to make the hours pass even more slowly. Help energise your co-workers with office games that break the monotony, encourage creativity and spread good cheer and office love.

Whiteboard Fun

Transform that big, white fixture (generally called a whiteboard) on your office or meeting-room wall into a giant game board. Get to know co-workers with the "Question Game." Write a question, such as "What is your all-time favourite book?" and encourage co-workers to write their answers alongside their initials. When there is no more room on the board, the next willing co-worker writes a new question on the board. Be prepared to learn surprising facts about each of your co-workers. Encourage creativity (and laughter) with the "Inkblot Game." Draw an enlarged and oddly shaped inkblot on the white board, and have co-workers write their interpretations of it on the board. Give a chuckle to passersby, and watch office monotony quickly break up.

Office Bingo

Your co-workers will start to eagerly anticipate office meetings if rumours of a planned "Office Bingo" game make their way around their cubicles. According to Jacksonville Business Journal, Office Bingo helps discourage overuse of clichés or ambiguous buzzwords and encourages speakers to speak more effectively. Pass out bingo cards at the door to the meeting room. Each box on the card should include a common office buzzword. Each time the speaker says the word, meeting attendees can mark it off on their card. The player to cross out five words in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) shouts "Bingo!" and wins the game.


Send an office e-mail to announce the office game "Nostalgia." Ask each colleague to bring a childhood picture of himself and give to a designated photo collector. Staple the photos to the notice board in a random order. For original pictures, consider using removable adhesive to avoid damage to the photograph. Create a header that says, "Who's who?," and staple blank name cards or pieces of card stock beneath the photos. Attach a pen to the notice board, and encourage employees to write down their guesses. Your co-workers will enjoy guessing and seeing their friends in a different light.

Intranet Scavenger Hunt

Encourage employee familiarity with your office intranet by creating an online scavenger hunt. Create a worksheet with fill-in-the-blank questions related to intranet postings. Ask questions about your mission statement, branding policies, cafeteria menu and other intranet posts. The first three employees to complete their worksheets win a free lunch or a gift card to the local coffee house. Your intranet gets the attention it deserves as a valuable resource, and your co-workers get reminders of company goals and guidelines.

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