Doki Doki Oyako Lesson Guide

"Doki Doki Oyako Lesson" is an adults-only short anime series based on a PC game. The title, which literally means "Heartbeat Parent-Child Lesson," is one of three titles the series goes by.

You may also hear the title "Doki Doki Haha Musume Lesson," which means "Heartbeat Mother-Daughter Lesson," and "Learning the Hard Way," which is the English release title for the series.

The PC Game

"Doki Doki Oyako Lesson" debuted as a Japanese-only "eroge," or "erotic game" for the PC. The game, produced by the Tinker Bell company, is suitable only for adults due to its risque content. The storyline of the game and the anime mirror each other for the most part, but the game allows for a more varied plot. The "visual novel" style of the game asks players to choose between multiple dialogue options. Depending on the options they choose, the gamer can woo one or more of the female characters in the game.

The Anime

The "Doki Doki Oyako Lesson" anime series lasted two episodes. Because the anime was appropriate for adults only, it was released direct-to-DVD as an "OAV," or "Original Animation Video." The OAV appeared in Japan in 2007 and in North America in 2009. Kitty Media produced the North American release, which features optional English subtitles and both Japanese and English vocal tracks.

The Plot

"Doki Doki Oyako Lesson" is about a college student who takes on a tutoring job to help out a classmate who has too many clients to tutor. His first assignment is a younger college co-ed who still lives at home. When he goes to her home to tutor her in her studies, he's overwhelmed by not only her beauty but her mother's beauty as well. Coincidentally, the other student whom he is assigned to tutor is also attractive and lives with an attractive mother. The tutor finds himself "teaching" more than just college subjects to his younger co-eds -- and their mothers as well.

The Characters

Atsushi Ikuta is the protagonist of "Doki Doki Oyako Lesson," an initially well-meaning college student who hopes to earn a small amount of money tutoring. He also wants to make life easier for his friend, Chidori Hitotsuya, an intelligent bespectacled upperclassman tutor who is a dating option for Atsushi in the game. Atsushi's first co-ed client, Maya, seems rude and uninterested at first, but she is actually very shy when it comes to love. Her mother is more domineering and mature. Atushi's other co-ed client, Arisa, is energetic and tomboyish. Her mother is scatterbrained but kind.