Which Fish Can I Put With Danios & Tetras?

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One of the most difficult decisions new aquarium hobbyists must make is which species of fish to put in their new tanks. Danios and tetras are both smart choices, since these fish tend to be very hardy and peaceful.

When choosing other fish for your aquarium, choose species with a similarly calm and peaceful disposition.

White Clouds

White clouds are among the hardiest of all aquarium fish, making them a suitable choice for any community tank. White clouds are schooling fish, moving through the tank in a group, and they get along quite well with other fish, including tetras and danios. Since they are schooling fish, it is best to purchase at least three or four white clouds for the aquarium.


Guppies are quite hardy, colourful and easy to breed. They are also known as community fish, and they should get along well with danios and tetras in the home aquarium. Some tetras will nip the long fins of the guppy, but other than a marred appearance that should not cause the fish any harm.


Platies are very peaceful fish, and they are a frequent sight in the community tank. These fish come in a rainbow of colours, from bright shades like orange and black, and gold and black, to pastel shades like powder blue. Platies are generally inexpensive to buy, probably because they breed so readily in the home aquarium.


Mollies are safe to add to an aquarium that already contains danios and tetras. These fish are generally quite peaceful, and they get along well with other fish in the community tank. Their colouration also makes mollies an attractive choice, since these fish are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours. You can find black and white spotted dalmation mollies, pure black mollies and other variations of black, white and gold. You can keep a single molly in a community tank, but it is best to house two or three together.