What Is the Strongest Deodorant?

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Appearance and first impressions are everything; people not using a daily deodorant or antiperspirant could be considered to be committing an intolerable social crime. There are few things more offensive than body odour and poor hygiene.

People who ignore the everyday basics, not only offend others; they can potentially find themselves outcasts with coworkers and friends. Prescription strength deodorants are the strongest available, followed by clinical strength, regular strength and those with herbal or natural ingredients.

Ingredients That Make A Deodorant or Antiperspirant Effective

Most deodorants or antiperspirants, whether made for men or women, contain fragrance to control body odour, alcohol for fast-drying and skin conditioners to prevent dry skin. Aerosol and roll-on deodorants contain the antiperspirant, aluminium chlorohydrate hexahydrate, or ACH. Gels and other solid deodorants contain the antiperspirant salt, aluminium zirconium, or AZAG. What determines the strongest deodorant is the amount of the active ingredient, -- ACH or AZAG -- it contains.

Prescription Strength Deodorant or Antiperspirants

Hyperhidrosis -- or excessive sweating -- is an embarrassing condition that doesn't respond as well to OTC antiperspirants as prescription strength ones. Prescription strength formulas include increased amounts of ACH or AZAG, in some cases as much as 25 per cent higher than conventional brands. Use of prescription deodorants requires caution, the higher percentage of these ingredients, the harder they are on the skin. The best prescription strength deodorant brand is Drysol, according to Consumersearch.com.

Clinical Strength Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Not everyone who sweats heavily needs a prescription strength antiperspirant: But they probably do need something stronger than regular over-the-counter deodorants. Clinical strength deodorant formulas are similar to prescription formulas; save for a lower ACH or AZAG content, usually about 15 per cent less than prescription ones. Kinder to the skin, albeit higher in price, clinical strength deodorants are available OTC, with Secret Advanced taking the honours for best clinical strength deodorant, according to Consumersearch.com.

Regular Strength Deodorants and Antiperspirants

For those without excessive sweating problems, regular strength deodorants and antiperspirants are available in formulas with the lowest percentages of tACH and AZAG. Available in non-aerosol spray, roll-on, powder sticks and gels, most manufacturers have a male and female version of their brand. Determining the best and strongest deodorant is up to the person who is choosing which brand works for them.

Natural or Herbal Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Some do not like using deodorants that contain ACH and AZAG. Previously, a connection was thought to exist between deodorants, Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. Studies over the last 20 years have determined there is no link between aluminium ingredients and Alzheimer's, and as of this writing, no connection to breast cancer exists, either.

Natural herbal deodorants are on the market that replace aluminium ingredients with natural ingredients, such as sage and chamomile. Without the benefit of ACH or AZAG, the herbal brands are only mildly effective, but for those who prefer natural ingredients, Consumersearch.com gives Crystal Body Deodorant the best rating.