What to Buy a 6-Year-Old Boy for His Birthday

Mike Powell/Lifesize/Getty Images

The party is planned and the invitations are out. The cake is ordered and the decorations are all waiting to be hung to create a festive environment for a special six-year old boy. The biggest challenge that remains is deciding what to buy the birthday boy as a gift.

Consider some age-appropriate six-year old birthday boy gifts.


Of course, a six-year old boy will have a long list of toys that he wants for his birthday. Buy a toy that supports his interests, is age-appropriate and will grow with him. Avoid buying the latest, flashiest toy just because the neighbour boy has one. These trendy toys tend to fade in popularity and kids may lose interest when the next best toy comes out. Choose toys that are timeless like a die cast car set or a connecting block set.

Educational Gifts

Educational toys are a good option for six-year old boys because they help them learn as they play. These include puzzles and electronic learning systems that couple games with education. Books are also a good gift option. Choose a reference book or books that give information about a boy's interest, such a dinosaurs or monster trucks or books that entertain such as fictional novels with simple words and pictures suitable for early readers.

Physcial Play Items

Young boys like to be active. Encourage active play by giving a birthday boy some sporting good equipment. Some possible ideas include a baseball glove, ball or bat, a football or a basketball. Other physical play items include skipping ropes, hula hoops and a bocce ball set. Consider buying a swing set with a slide to set up in a backyard or an inflatable swimming pool, flotation device and swimming trunks.

Other Ideas

Other birthday gift ideas for the birthday boy include tickets to a performance, sports event or an amusement park. Hobby gifts will be appreciated by a boy who has a passion for a particular subject such as a baseball card set, price guide or an album to hold postal stamps. Other gift ideas include art supplies, like a sketchbook, coloured pencil set or modelling clay, gift tokens or a favourite movie.