Ways to Hang Things in a Shed

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A shed can be a valuable addition to your home's storage capacity. When properly organised, it can serve as a central depot for gardening tools, pool supplies and home improvement supplies. More often, it can serve as a junk pile. A great first step in organising your shed is to get your tools out of the corners and up on the wall. A wide variety of hanging solutions are available for sheds.

Basic Fasteners

Most tools can be easily hung on the wall using nails or screws. Small tools usually feature holes through the handle or leather thongs, allowing them to be hung on a single nail. For larger tools, from hammers to snow shovels, just drive a pair of nails into the wall, leaving just enough room for the handle to slip between them. This allows you to hang your tools handle-down and flush against the wall for compact storage and easy access.

Peg Boards

A peg board is a large sheet of particle board with many evenly-based holes drilled through it. There are a wide variety of hooks, brackets and hangers that fit snugly and securely into the holes of a pegboard, allowing you to create your own modular storage systems based on the tools you need to store. Best of all, if you need to reorganise your tools, the pegboard hangers are easily moved from one spot to another without having to use tools or damage the underlying surface.

Rack Storage

For heavier items, such as trimmers, blowers or bicycles, consider a heavy-duty rack system. You can purchase fixed racks, which bolt directly to the wall and feature some combination of hooks and hangers for heavier items, or modular storage racks. Modular storage racks are similar to a pegboard in that you can mix and match the types of hangers you need, and that they can be spaced on the rack as you need them. However, they tend to be more durable and capable of supporting more weight than pegboard hanging solutions.

Magnetic Storage

While most storage solutions can be attached to the interior of a metal shed if you have a drill capable of piercing metal, it is significantly more trouble than hammering a nail into a wood wall. Drilling holes in your shed for a bolt-on storage rack is probably the most efficient way to hang large, heavy items, but many lighter tools can be supported by magnetic hooks or brackets. Tool hangers with strong magnets can be purchased at many hardware stores, and take a great deal of effort out of hanging small garden tools or paintbrushes in your metal shed.

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