Directions for a Mainstays 5 Shelf Bookcase

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The Mainstays five-shelf bookcase is a product sold by Wal-Mart. The assembly can be tricky, depending on the model that you are assembling. There are not a lot of parts to put together and everything you need for assembly, except for a screwdriver and a hammer, is included in the box.

The Mainstays five-shelf bookcase is sold in a variety of colours and styles. The backboard is made from a durable cardboard material. The rest of the pieces are made from a heavy particle board.

Lay out all of the pieces of the shelf and hardware where you can see everything. Find the different pieces that are included. The sides of the bookcase are usually A and B, the top and bottom are C and D. Locate the locking nuts and the locking bolts and separate them.

Use a hammer to drive the locking nuts into their position on the bottom and top of both side pieces, A and B. There will be holes where the locking nuts should go. You will not need to hit the locking nuts very hard to drive them into position; two or three taps should suffice.

Drive the locking bolts with the hammer through the pre-drilled holes in the top and bottom pieces, C and D.

Place the side pieces onto the bottom piece, one at a time. The locking bolts on the bottom piece will fit into the locking nuts on the bottom of the side pieces. Secure the locking nuts by tightening them to the locking bolt with a screwdriver.

Place the top piece in position by inserting the locking bolts sticking out from the bottom of the top piece into the locking nuts on the top of each side piece. Secure the locking bolts with a screwdriver.

Lay the bookcase face down as gently as possible. Position the backboard on the back of the bookcase with each corner matching up with each corner of the bookcase. Use the hammer to drive the small nails through the backboard, securing it to the bookcase. Stand the bookcase upright.

Place the shelf pegs at the desired height for each shelf. Place the shelves inside the bookcase, on top of the pegs.