Saxophone cake ideas

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The ideas for how to decorate cakes are endless. One area to get inspired by is the diverse world of music. Try making a saxophone cake. Whether for a music teacher's birthday, an event at a jazz club or a music major's graduation, this sweet and musical treat is sure to impress.

Good note

Use saxophones as cake toppers. Shop in speciality bakery supply stores or look online for tiny plastic saxophones and musical notes to top the cake with. You can even find little chocolate musical instruments. Create your own edible saxophones. Make perfect little miniatures using marzipan or make cookie saxophones using a saxophone-shaped cookie cutter. Or, make a big one to sit atop the cake by fashioning a saxophone out of crispy rice treats and covering it with fondant.

Saxy picture

Bakeries can put a picture on your cake for you. Simply provide them with any image, and they scan it in and reproduce it on the cake. You can use a photo of your daughter playing her saxophone, a silhouette or close-up shot of the instrument, a newspaper clipping about a jazz music concert, a picture of a famous player such as Charlie Parker or John Coltrane, or the cover of a book about saxophones.

Musical shape

Impress everyone at your get-together with a cake shaped like a saxophone. Bake two or three sheet or round cakes, depending on how many people you plan to serve, stack them with a layer of icing between each, then carve the stacked cakes into a saxophone shape. Reference a large and detailed picture of the instrument as you work to help you get the shape right. Lastly, use coloured icing, candy, and piping for all the finishing touches.

Right words

The simplest way to make a saxophone cake is to pipe on saxophone terms. A music teacher or saxophone player would get a kick out of this cake. Bake a cake, frost as normal, then cover it with saxophone-related words: "tone," "holes," "adjustment," "spring," "embouchure," "baffle," "reeds," "bell," "facing" "post," "body," "mouthpiece," "bow," "key," "lyre," "cork," "ligature," and "crook." Add mini saxophone cake toppers to really tie in the theme. And if the cake is really large, you can also pipe on the definitions along with the words.

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