Advantages & Disadvantages of Baby Cots Images

Baby cots also are known as cribs and the term's use depends on where you live. Cots are one of the first items new parents think of when shopping for a newborn, but not all parents consider a crib or cot essential.

A family's budget and dynamic might help determine whether there are more advantages to having a baby sleep in a cot.


Cribs are found in most furniture and department stores, as well as speciality retailers for babies. They come in colours and finishes to suit almost every taste. Cribs are a safer place for children 2 and younger to sleep, according to PubMed Central. More infant deaths are reported when children sleep in the same bed with their parents. Strangling and suffocation often are causes in infant deaths. Placing a baby in a crib to sleep also allows the parents and child to enjoy their own spaces.


Baby cots can be expensive and dangerous when assembled incorrectly. If your child is only used to sleeping in a crib, you also might experience more difficulty when travelling because not all motels or will have a crib handy. But there are mothers who say that sleeping with their baby instead of putting the baby in a crib alone results in more bonding time and makes breastfeeding easier at night.

Options to Consider

There are compromises for creating a space for a baby to sleep. A baby cot could be placed in the same bedroom as the parents to retain closeness. There also are co-sleepers and bassinets that will attach to the side of an adult bed and allow a baby to sleep safely next to parents.

Safety Considerations

Recommendations for crib safety include using a firm and well-fitting mattress. Avoid using blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and crib bumpers. The cot's slats also should not exceed more than 2-3/8 inches apart, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Ask family or friends if they have a crib that's no longer being used if you're worried about the cost of a new crib. Browse consignment stores in your area dedicated to the needs of children for gently-used, cheaper cribs. However, use caution. Before buying a used crib, check updates from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure it meets current safety regulations and recalls have not been issued. Do additional research online for any recalls applying to the model.